Martin Bush

Brand: Oaklandish
City pride apparel and accessories for Oakland residents past and present.
Spring 2017-2020
OCT 2019
Oakland Roots Baseball Buttonup
Multicolor Appliqué
OCT 2020
Sunset Beachbreaker Full Zip
Multicolor Appliqué
OCT 2019
Oakland in Poppies
Screenprinted Tees
FEB 2020
Quarter-zip Pullover
100% heavyweight cotton
OCT 2019
Oakland Fall
Multicolor Embroidery + Screen Printing
OCT 2019
Oakland Baseball Buttonup
Two Layer Appliqué
MAY 2019
Oakland Overprint Skyline
Rainbow Oaklandish Skyline
JULY 2019
Oakland Topo Map
California Bear Design
SEPT 2018
Oakland Pride Month
Rainbow Oaklandish Logo
Spring 2017
Sunset Bear
California Pride shirts for Never Elsewhere (an Oaklandish LCC brand)
Poppin Poppy
Hoody Graphics for Oaklandish
Spring 2018
Celebrating diversity through design
OAK Skullface
Hoody Graphics for Oaklandish
Spring 2018
Sticky Monkey Flower
Local pride through local flora
Spring 2018
Unofficial GSW Championship Design
Feb 2018
GSW Black History is Golden
Black History Month Design
Spring 2018
Champion X Oaklandish
Cobranded Reverse Weave Tee
Spring 2018
Oakland Pride Tee
Fall 2017
"Oakland" in Braille
Spring 2018
Pocket Trees
Winter 2017
2017 Technical Joggers
Spring 2017
Dollar Dog Days